Thursday, 1 December 2011


Well, the 1st December already. I am not sure why I am surprised, it comes the same time of year, every year! Last year I took part in the Advent Calender hosted by Geneabloggers.

This year, I am taking part in a few more on line Advent things.

The Advent Calender hosted by Geneabloggers 

The Advent Tour hosted by Marg at Intrepid Reader and  Kelly. I requested to post on two dates, 18th and 21st December.

I have also taken part in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap hosted by Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen. I had great fun choosing a recipe and because of standing Mum came to give me a hand make the cookies. Watch out for a further post about what  recipe I selected and about the cookies I received in return. See the complete round up of posts HERE & HERE

I have also taken part in the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap hosted by Nicole. Whereby, I sent a book or two to a new book blogger and received the same in return.  

Lastly, I have signed up for the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange, hosted by Bird Brained Books.
These are great way to meet new bloggers, both with a genealogical and book slant to them. Cost has not been an issue and it is the festive season after all! and with the help of the internet, neither has lack of mobility! 

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  1. WOW! I am impressed. From thanksgiving thru the end of the year, I can barely keep my head above water --- so to speak. Thanks for the run down of your activities.


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