Monday, 30 April 2012

The Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition

A few weeks ago I saw the Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition  mentioned somewhere on the net, then I realised that my genea-blogging friend, Geniaus had been nominated.

The Finalists have now been decided and I looked through the list of over 1,000 blogs written by Australians, or Australians living overseas.

The point of this post is that whether or not they made it to the final, simply being nominated and then having the blog address listed in the huge list of over a 1,000 contenders is great.

Have a look HERE to see some great blogs. The following is a list (in random order) of ones that caught my eye.
There are many, many more on the list, which is located HERE


  1. Hello there Anglers Rest. Thanks for finding/following me.Was it through the Aussie Blogs Competition?

    I'm following you now and hope to hear from you regularly.


    1. Denise, Hello & thanks for stopping by. I originally saw your blog as part f the A-Z Challenge.
      I'm still glancing through the Aussie blogs!

  2. Good tips Julie, I liked this one, don't know if you spotted it: A big life


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