Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - Y is for .....

Y is for...... Yothu Yindi

I first heard Yothu Yindi at a concert in Sydney back in 1991. A remarkable mix of modern music and the continual embracing of indigenous music. One of their most popular songs is Treaty.

When I returned to the UK in 1992, I was on a tube heading across London and saw an advertisement for Yothu Yindi who were on a tour of the US and Western Europe driven by the success of the album that Treaty was on, called Tribal Voice. As luck would have it, I managed to get tickets and saw them again.

Since those early days I have replaced my tape collection, although I still have them with CDs of their music and now have them on my iPhone for continual enjoyment! You can read about the band's success HERE


  1. This was a clever Y choice, Julie! Your Australia theme has been well played out with a variety of topics, all interesting. I've enjoyed seeing Oz through your eyes.

    1. I have really enjoyed the A-Z theme this year and am very glad that I chose to feature Australia and then to link it to the various usual meme's I take part in.

      I remember that first trip like it was yesterday and if I could wind back the clock I would do it all and more again!


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