Friday, 6 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - F is for

F is for...... .Flora & Fauna

When we see a picture of a Kangaroo or Kaola we probably immediately think Australia. We certainly know what they are. Imagine being transported to an unknown land, far from home, one that takes 3 months to get there. Even the free settlers had the traumatic experience of a long and potentially dangerous sailing, even if they had made a conscious decision to start a new life.

So, having got off the ship and encountered the heat and dryness what of the animals, or indigenous people in this new amazing land? Think of the amazement of observing a marsupial, such as a Kangaroo or Wallaby, a Wombat or Kaola. 

One of the things that still amazes me, despite living in the Country is the size and geography. From where some of my family live to Sydney is around 500 miles, a small distance to travel in comparison to the size of the Country. Further comparison, from my home to that of my husband's family is 400 miles and we have travelled not quite the length of the Country. 

It would have been an incredible learning curve for the settlers, and one I think we underestimate in the 21st Century. 

I noticed as I write this post, the Australian Tourist Board are promoting Australia as a holiday destination, with the slogan of  .......the wonder of Australia....." 


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  1. You're right Julie, they must have been amazed and bewildered. I'm often astonished by how quickly most adjusted to their new lives. And as for distance we live 3300kms (about 1500 miles) from my home town..I think about the distance from England to St Petersburg.

    1. The adaptation was quick and I think that was because whatever life presented to them they dealt with because life in a new, evolving land could be as bad as the poverty and hardship of home.

  2. I like Kaolas more than Kangaroos. They are so cute. While I've never been to Australia so far, I know a filmmaker who lives there...actually, this post serves as another reminder that I need to mail him something that I've been procrastinating on way to long!

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  3. Koalas are my favorite though I have never been to Australia.


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