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Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - S is for .....

S is for...... .Ships

For me, as I research the folk who left the various shores of my ancestry to start a new life in the colony, their journey began the moment in which they boarded the vessel. Here I am going to attempt to gather a few glimpses of those ships.

James Baines

Courtesy of  State of Victoria Library

Josiah Turpin and his young Nephew, Josiah Ellis sailed on board the clipper, James Baines, which arrived into Melbourne in 1855. If you did not read the earlier post, you can read it HERE

The Hohnberg's, Hartwigs and Noacks arrived from Prussia to South Australia during the timespan of 1841 - 1859.  There were several ships that these families arrived on.

Cesar & Helene (1859)

File:Cesar & Helene. Wooden Two mast ships 1856 J. C. Godeffroy, Reiherstieg.jpg
Courtesy of State Library of Queensland

The Skyjold (1841)

Courtesy of the State Library of South Australia
The Hohnberg's arrived on the Skyjold in 1841. 

There are more ships that I could have added to this post, but I shall leave it here for now. In some cases no picture or painting has survived. When looking at these vessels, it is so hard to imagine that with a few hundred passengers, crew, enough supplies for the 3 month journey plus luggage, just how they managed to survive the journey; but the did.....


  1. Indeed they did survive and what courage to take all that on. It's remarkable as you say given the size of the ships.

    1. It is amazing and as you say, such courage. I don't know if you saw my post last week that mentions John Hunt Butcher and the sheep and equipment he took with him in addition to his family.

      I haven't been able to establish what ship or how many passengers. Quite remarkable!

  2. Interesting post, I have been researching my family tree and alot of my mum's side of the family were mariners and captains of vessesl. I have had great fun looking into the crew lists and the ships. Thanks for popping by my blog x

  3. What an adventure it was in these days to travel by ship - leave everything behind and start anew on a different continent! Family history can be so exciting. As a European, mine is quite boring - most of my roots ly in the old Habsburger countries - no scary travelling over the big ocean!


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