Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Stamps - Australia - ANZAC Day

I've gone off theme this week. On 25th April, New Zealanders and Australians celebrated ANZAC Day and in keeping with remembering that day, which ties in nicely with the A-Z Challenge I have kept to the theme of Australia. You can read the A-Z challenge posts via this tag line and read my ANZAC Day post HERE.

Commemoration stamps 1935
Commemoration stamps 1965
Stamps from the neighbouring Islands:

Submitted as Sunday Stamps hosted by Viridian's Postcard Blog


  1. Love the first 2 ... I have a few Australian stamps of that era but have never seen these before.

  2. Very nice sets of stamps. I especially like the Pitcairns.

  3. Nice contrast between the old and modern stamps, both in design and the distance of time after the event.

  4. I've never seen any of these before, they are all terrific.
    I know ANZAC Day now commemorates the lost of New Zealanders and Australians lost in World Wars I and II and not just at Gallipoli but hadn't realised it extended to island nations as well. Wikipedia tells me that Papua New Guinea no longer celebrates it.

    1. I also noted that PNG no longer celebrates/commemorates ANZAC. I wonder why they stopped? These stamps are from 1965.

  5. You could always use these stamps for next week too. Great set. thanks for participating.

  6. Interesting how, in 1965, all the stamps were the same design.

  7. Anzac Day is something I wasn't familiar with.


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