Friday, 6 April 2012

John Hunt Butcher & his link to sheep..

I was having a trawl through the Australian Newspaper Archives a while ago and came across this article which relates to my Butcher ancestors from Hascombe Surrey. John Hunt Butcher had inherited the estate called Park Hatch at Hascombe Surrey. He sold the estate in 1814 and migrated to Tasmania with his family in 1821.
The Lanceston Examiner (Tasmania)
Saturday, 6th April 1901
John Hunt Butcher died in Tasmania in 1839 and at the time of his demise he certainly had a substantial flock of sheep as you can see...

Colonial Times 19th November 1839
What I did find curious was the sale of the furniture. John's widow Sarah Butcher did remain in Tasmania, although she did return to England for a short time. Had her intention been to remain in England so selling her belongings was the only option, but at some point she changed her mind and returned to Tasmania?

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