Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - G is for .....(Continued)

Having spent some time recently, as I wrote about Henry Goucher for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I sat this morning had another look to see if I could identify what happened to him after 1821.

Henry's timeline is repeated here from the earlier post -

  • 1775 - approx year of birth
  • 18th Dec 1811 - Indited for stealing 
  • 9th January 1811 - Trial at the Old Bailey 
  • 25th May 1811 - Transferred to Hulk Ship Retribution 
  • 14th August 1811- Transported on board The Guildford
  • January 1812 - Arrived New South Wales
  • 1812 - 1821 - Government employ as labourer within Colony
  • 4th Oct 1813 - Named on Colonial Secretary Papers  - Newcastle on board the Estramina
  • 8th Jan 1814 -  Named on Colonial Secretary Papers  - Newcastle on board the Estramina
  • 4th & 5th April 1814 -  Named on Colonial Secretary Papers  - Derwent on board the Windham
  • 26th April 1820 -  Named on Colonial Secretary Papers  -Newcastle on board the Elizabeth Henrietta
I was therefore delighted to see the following
New South Wales & Tasmania Convict Muster 1830
  • 1830 -  NSW & Tasmania Convict Muster reveals that Henry was recorded as Henry Gougher and is listed as "freed by servitude"
  • 1832 -  NSW & Tasmania Convict Muster with Henry Gougher listed again with the word error by the side!
Further research from the Archives in Tasmania, reveals that whilst Henry was in Tasmania he was a bit of a scamp - He received 50 lashes for liberating some goats! Not a brilliant photo as the screen would not print, so this is a photo of the screen!
Tasmanian Archives CON31-1-13 Page 15
The search continues. Henry was 54 years old when he received his freedom, and I don't know, something tells me that I suspect he might have been in trouble again - he appears to have liked beer!


  1. wishing you happy hunting for Henry.

  2. oh, my, your Henry does seem to be a bit of a rake -- an interesting fellow to follow. Thanks for sharing this search with us.

  3. 50 lashes for letting some goats loose -- oh my! Wonder if they were important goats?!

  4. Who doesn't like beer?

    1. From reading that document Henry was very partial!

  5. I wonder what the goats did once they got lose? Maybe they ate the crops. I couldn't read the article. My eyes aren't that good.

    1. This was a poor quality article, but I could not get any better with it. I could not download or save so in the end resorted to taking a photo with my iPhone so I could use the data. Wonder what Henry would make of that?


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