Sunday 22 April 2012

Weekend Cooking - Aboriginal Style

For the month of April I have been taking part in the  A-Z Challenge and this year I have used the theme of Australia. You can read the various posts via this tag line. Over the last couple of weeks other regular blogging posts have also had a Australia theme and I thought this week I would head down under in Weekend Cooking. 

As I reflected on my recent posts none of them have introduced the subject of Aboriginal Traditions and Culture and I felt it was important to do so, although I know fairly little about it. I turned to my rather aged copy of The Elements of The Aboriginal Tradition by James G Cowan that I purchased back in 1992. As I read (review shortly) I became aware that there is no references to food traditions and that set me on a quest to find out more!

A search of YouTube revealed this informative video on the Aboriginal cooking of Mullet.

I also discovered a rather interesting short video by Aboriginal chef, Mark Olive who discusses how to cook with indigenous foods and remarks that some of these are readily available in supermarkets. Is this new? or were these foods readily available when I lived in Australia?

Happy viewing!

Taking part in Weekend Cooking hosted by BethFishReads


  1. Great videos -- I'm not familiar with native Australian ingredients.

  2. Interesting and looks delicious. The mullet would go well with the salad and I could use a plate full right now.


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