Monday, 9 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - H is for .....

H is for...... .Hohnberg & Hartwig

As I mentioned last week (see D for Dawson!) I have been tentatively researching the family of my late's cousin's wife. I was curious about the family. The curiosity increased as I was informed that a book had been written about the early Hartwigs to Australia. This was back in the early 1990s when email had not really taken off and research was much harder. As I was in Australia and my cousin had a copy of the book, I read it cover to cover over a period of several months. Making some notes and observations.

Then in 2000, my Cousin's wife came to the UK. We again talked about her family and I promised that I would for her family undertake some research. Spurred on again by a pending visit. I wanted to see what material I had, and what gaps I had in this particular line of research. 

The Hohnbergs and Hartwigs were from Prussia and of the Lutheran Religion. They sailed from Prussia to Australia and made their home in South Australia. With the aid of a fellow researcher from this family who has shared some notes, and Ancestry and various archives within Australia it has been possible to explore both families which arrived during the period of 1841 - 1856 the Silestia region of Prussia. 

There is much more research to do and two other letters of this challenge will explore these links further. At this time, I have names and dates and am busy trying to flesh out and organise what data I have. Needless to say the forenames of these families are confusing - for example - Johnann, Johanne, Johanna then add August, Augusta or Auguste to the name and then repeat for a generation or two. In fact, lets repeat the name either in full or variations of the forenames once or twice amongst cousins and siblings.

Confusion aside, I am fascinated and this is a whole different area of research to me and truth be told, I am loving it! 

The link for the A-Z Challenge 2011 post is HERE an earlier post is HERE

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