Friday, 20 April 2012

Blogging A-Z - April Challenge - R is for .....

R is for...... Religion

Continuing the family of my late Cousin's wife. You can read earlier posts that connect to this family HERE, HERE & HERE. The Noack's Hartwig's & Hohnberg's were all of the Lutheran faith, which is the oldest Protestant religion dating back to the Reformation and Martin Luther.

Martin Luther was a Catholic Monk who on 31st October 1517 shared his series of theses as a challenge to the doctrine and practises of the Roman Catholic Church. Those that accepted the teachings of Martin Luther became known as Lutheran's. The origins of the faith are based in Germany.

Having left their homeland, these three family groups remained practising the Lutheran faith. Their new homeland was accepting of the customs, beliefs and practises of it's new immigrants. 

In Australia there exists a series of Lutheran schools, which are either set up or affiliated to the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Two books which I have recently come across are:
  • The Patriarchs: A History of Australian Lutheran Schooling 1839-1919 by Richard J. Hauser
  • The Pathfinders: A History of Australian Lutheran Schooling 1919-1999 by Richard J. Hauser

The link for the A-Z Challenge 2011 post is HERE

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