Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sepia Saturday 120 - Library

A subject after my own heart!
Published as part of the Mowbury Series, this dates from circa 1950
Picture of the Library of New South Wales Sydney Australia
Library of the Inner Temple circa 1910 & published by Tuck
The Bowring Institute in Bangalore

 Taking part in Sepia Saturday


  1. Oh yes, once I return from the lake (cold, cold lake) I'd like to venture inside your last library!

  2. Libraries used to be so big and permanent looking. Now they are not. I think if I could zap myself into any of these three pictures, I would chose the one in the middle.

  3. The library in New South Wales looks very imposing.

  4. the library in Bangalore is so, so British. I wonder if it still looks like that today.

  5. Such exciting architecture in those buildings.

  6. Anonymous3:10 am

    What grand old buildings! I especially like the columns on the New South Wales library and the turret style top on the Library of the Inner Temple.

  7. Nice photos. I like the first two because the library in South Wales looks like it has a large interior, which can only mean one thing...LOTS of wonderful books! Also, the second photo featuring the Inner Temple library actually looks like a painting.

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  8. Three fine libraries; I'd be pleased to try them all.

  9. They all look huge! I'd love to wander around each one.

    Kathy M.


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