Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend Cooking - Cooking and Me!

I was wondering what to submit to this weeks Weekend Cooking. I missed last week due to not doing much of anything while I still have the sciatica. Then I spotted a posting by Leeswammes, which she had spotted from another blogger, Mandy and I thought that was just the ticket!  So here goes -

1. What is your favourite non alcoholic drink?
Tea, I have mine strong with no sugar

2. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
To be honest I would rather have a cup of tea!, but white wine with lemonade or orange juice, or a small port.  I probably drink 3 units every six months, so I am a very cheap date!

3. What is your favourite food?
I don't really know; I love a cream tea, or a slice of coffee cake. Otherwise, pasta

4. What is your least favourite food?
Brussel sprouts.

5. What do you eat that others think is really weird?
I love Marmite or Vegimite, which is now available in the UK - hooray!

6. What is your favourite thing to cook or bake?
I like cooking new foods, so I guess experimentation!

7. If you could only choose one, would you choose sweet or savoury?
It depends on my mood.

8. What time do you usually eat dinner during the week?
It varies. My husband works shifts, so we try to eat together if we can, so usually between 6-8pm depending on his shifts and my work commitments.

9. What kitchen items have you never owned?
A Blender, I usually borrow my Mum's.

10. What tip would you give to a newbie cooker/baker?
No one ever died from following a recipe!

11. What is the best vegetarian dish you have eaten?
A beautiful ravioli at one of the restaurants we visited when in Jersey earlier this year.

12. What is the easiest meal you can cook?
Scramble eggs.

13. If you could grow three herbs in your garden what would you grow?
Basil, Parsley and Lemon Balm

14. What would you use as a substitute for salt?
It would depend on why I was not using salt. I usually use rock salt on a few foods, I never cook with salt and hubby uses low sodium salt.

15. What 5 items would you pack for a quick and easy day out or picnic?
Sandwiches, pasta, crisps, a slice of coffee cake and fruit. I would substitute possibly the cake or crisps for yoghurt.

Weekend Cooking is hosted by BethFishReads


  1. Sorry to hear about the sciatica, a miserable illness, but hopefully not long lasting, and reading the list made me very hungry. :0)

  2. NOthing worse than being in pain. Ugh. I love this food quiz / meme. It's so much fun. A blender would be a great thing to own.

  3. I don't like brussels sprouts either... love the meme though!

  4. Interesting questions.
    Least fav food would have to be that orange mac and cheese salad.

  5. Anonymous9:36 pm

    I used to have sciatica when I was pregnant with my son so I know how painful it can be. Hope it doesn't last!

    I drink about as much alcohol as you do!

  6. Anonymous6:15 am

    Sorry to hear that you are in pain - hope you are feeling better soon!
    Thanks again for taking part in the fun, I loved reading through your answers. Seems there are a lot of us tea drinkers out there.
    Have a super day.
    :-) Mandy

  7. I love this meme!

    Someone needs to gift you a blender!

    I have lemon balm growing in my garden and yank it out like weeds every spring because it just reseeds itself like crazy. What do you do with lemon balm? I just use it for tea. When I remember to harvest and dry it. I should do that this week...

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for the get well messages. I have been a real grump for weeks!

    Christine - I use the Lemon Balm for tea, but I actually just like the plant, the faint smell and the shape of the leaves!


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