Friday, 18 February 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Wk 8 - Technology

Week #8 – Technology.What are some of the technological advances that happened during your childhood? What types of technology to you enjoy using today, and which do you avoid?
Week 8: This challenge runs from Saturday, February 19 through to Friday, February 25 2011

I love technology. I love the versatility of it all and how what would have seemed impossible or perhaps only would have appeared in science fiction books now actually happens.

I remember the first time Stuart wanted to buy a mobile phone. I simply thought why? What on earth was the point?, it would just be something extra to carry around and eventually I would end up with it in my handbag....I was right! That was certainly during the lifetime of living in this house, so the last 15 years. Now we both have iphones and I love it.

I love the versatility of an iphone, although I initially could not see the point until I visited the O2 shop locally with Stuart who was looking to upgrade to a Sony.......the salesman said why not the iphone? He showed all its capabilities and the applications page and getting emails, photos and I thought I want one of those. So last June we went ahead and got them.

I remember at the secondary school I went to there were no computers, there was word processors. I even still have one in the loft and the discs that I now can not access. I love computers and the facility to be able to do whatever I want to do using the keyboard. I love the Internet,and email. It allows me through email and Facebook to keep up to date with my cousin and her children, to share the incidental fragments of their lives. A real contrast who some my ancestors who left a rural village called Hascombe Surrey in 1823 and migrated to Australia. They would have said goodbye to their family knowing they could possibly write and it might takes weeks to arrive, they would in all probability not be able to see their families again. Yet, I managed to whilst doing my grocery shopping answer a question for my cousin's son who wanted to know something for a school project. His answer would have been received almost instantaneously. That is truly remarkable.

Then on top of all the pleasure technology there is - computers, xbox, mobile phones the size of match boxes there are the important things in life. The facility to conduct keyhole surgery, ventilators, various medical test and diagnostics. Cooking equipment, microwaves, although I still can not use mine!, cookers, and a whole host of other gadgets to cook and prepare meals. Fridges and freezers. I can still remember my Grandmother getting her first fridge. She kept opening the door to check it was working!, washing machines and dishwashers. The facility to get in an aeroplane and fly to any destination, safety allowing, that we want.

Given that, as a race, we only use 10% of our brain, just think what is still achieve able. We are limited by our imaginations and we owe a great deal of thanks to our ancestors who set the ball rolling with the Industrial Revolution.

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