Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Sunday Salon - Home is ........

I saw on either a tweet or an email tag this morning the following quote:

"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you"
C Morgenstern

When I read that I thought exactly! It is such a nice quote, and when you look beneath what is actually written it is quite thought provoking. I know that whilst I live in the South West of England I do not feel at home here. Just after we first moved here my neighbour said to me " of course to be Devonian you have to live here 25 years" my reply was "Who said I wanted to be Devonian?" The look on his face was a picture and he does still talk to me!

The subject of home reminds me of the devastation in New Zealand this week. Any family & friends I have in New Zealand were not affected by the quake, but one friend's father in law lives in Christchurch, a frail elderly man who thankfully survived, with little more than the clothes he was wearing. My heart goes out to them. As I type this post I give thanks that my nearest and dearest are safe and whilst it is the people who count in our lives, the belongings, bits and bobs we accumulate along the way mean something to us, otherwise we would not gather them! The task of rebuilding your life and home is going to be tremendous and I send sympathies to those affected.

A posting yesterday to The Sunday Salon mentioned a Charity raffle and fund raising events for the recent tragedy in New Zealand. Here is the link. You can click on the New Zealand flag to donate, although it seems relevant to banks in the Southern Hemisphere, I will see if any banks this side of the pond are collecting funds.

It somehow, does not seem quite right to post about the good bits and readings of this last week, and as such I think I will do a rain check and post more fully later in the week.


  1. Hahahaha I so know that attitude! I was born in Cornwall, left for NZ when I was 12. I can imagine the look on the guy's face when you said that, makes me giggle.

    So glad to hear people you know and love are safe in Christchurch. The task they have ahead of them just blows my mind. I'm going to add your post link to mine so people get the information you have here too. Thanks x

  2. What a tragic happening in New Zealand! My heart goes out to everyone there.

    We have earthquakes here (in California), but usually no serious casualties, except for buildings and possessions.

    I like your quote about "home."



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