Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sorting Saturday - Twitter - February 2011

At the of January I wrote about Sorting Saturday with a focus on Twitter. This followed on from a Tuesday Tip that I had posted sometime early January. Anyway, the crux of that post is that I read my Tweets via an iphone and often want to look further at a web page mentioned, or simply see the article on a bigger screen. As a result of this I mark any such Tweets as favourites. At the end of January I had 33 such favourites and I predicted that with February being a short month I would have less favourites. Wrong. At this point a week ago I had 48 favourites and today 66! So that theory went straight out the window. So, I will therefore set myself the task that the last Saturday in the month with be dedicated to Sorting Saturday - Twitter style!

I am still debating if I really can justify an ipad. Stuart has offered to buy me one and I keep saying I am debating if I really should get one. If I get one, it should be the top of the range, as if I am spending that much money I should just go for it, but something holds me back. Perhaps I'll do a post on the ipad alternatives......
  1. Climbing My Family Tree was a blog I wanted to explore further, it was mentioned in a One Place Studies tweet for a post on Spain.
  2. AnceStories hosts a monthly Scanfest - if I can get the timing right I may stop by!
  3. Genealogy Webinars & Genealogy Podcasts - both sound interesting - must have a look & Listen!
  4. Foodie Blogroll - I can easily spend an hour or two wandering about here!
  5. Book Chatter
  6. Thyroid Literary Challenge - I have written a post for this, but not published it as yet. It just needs proof reading. For further reading on the challenge click HERE. The whole of the Dear Thyroid site is good to explore.
  7. The new website from the Families in British India Society and a link to the Embarkation Lists from WO25/3503
  8. Catching up on a post from Australian Genealogy Journey for the Waitangi Day challenge
  9. In from the Cold is a website aiming to commemorate those lost in war whose sacrifice is not recorded on a memorial.
  10. Geneabloggers Radio
  11. #savelibraries or email to for the important work of saving libraries here in the UK.
  12. A rather informative article from Dick Eastman about Inheriting illness from our ancestors and a look at some tests available.
  13. Back on 11th Feb BBC Surrey had a phone in (I didn't hear it) about the uglier buildings than Guildford Cathedral - Future journal prompt! as the cathedral is 50 years old this year.
  14. One Place Studies mentioned an article on copyright and an interesting fact about 31st December 2039. Hope I've not missed the article
  15. Another great book blog Cozy Reader's corner
  16. @CaroleRiley mentioned SpringPad
  17. @GuildOneName mentioned Open Library which does look interesting.
  18. Time for a Virtual Genealogy Society?
  19. A new site, which at first glance looks very interesting and thought provoking - Social Media and Genealogy & a free webinar on 5th March - Sign Up
  20. A blog post - Land Girls - needs a further read of this blog and a future blog prompt.
  21. Carnival of Genealogy - issue 103 - Women's History. Deadline is 1st March 2011. Have you submitted your post? DONE!
  22. An interesting post on creating an iphone Application. Might be useful......
  23. Walking with Ancestors - Is researching what will be an interesting post about illegal marriages and marriages between cousins.
  24. Tomorrows Pharmacist Bloggers hosted by PJ Online - a hint of the day job
  25. CPD requirements - PJ Online - another hint on the day job
  26. A disturbing post of a Cemetery in Chicago - CBS Chicago
  27. Another disturbing post about a British Cemetery in India - The Times of India
  28. A fascinating article of an American lady who sets about to meet all her Face Book friends. Click HERE to see the blog of the journey. Interesting concept!
  29. The Meteorological Office (Met Office) are setting up a Weather Observation Website - an another interesting concept that will in the future have a historical slant.
  30. Italian Bloggers
  31. The Graveyard Rabbit of Alberta - a new site, but looks like it is going to be good!
  32. Dick Eastman's report of Who Do You Think You Are Live - London style!
  33. TpstryWeb posted recently that it has been "National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day" - never heard of it, but might be a good blogging prompt as we have a few genealogical pet stories!
  34. A really interesting and informative post about copyright on blogs posted as part of the Sunday Salon by and Krishna's Books There is a link to the two individual blogs from the link posted here.
  35. Article on Post Polio Syndrome - blog prompt and a link into the day job.
  36. A sad and emotional post about the US book store Borders going out of business.
  37. Posted as part of Sunday Salon a post from Confessions of a Mystery Writer - post called Lets all do the write thing about a charity raffle & fund raising events for the recent disaster in New Zealand.


  1. Thank you for the link!

    I will get that cousin post done on Monday.. I've ended up getting so sidetracked all week. Grabbing 10 minutes here and there in between sorting the kids.

    Thanks again..

    BTW I do exactly the same thing.. I have a fair few favourites because reading a blog on a BlackBerry is a nightmare. (Although, I actually need to go through and read them!)


  2. Not having children I never know when it is half term; so I guess you have had your hands full all week. Your welcome, I enjoyed thinking about it a bit more and ironically, I have a marriage that took place in India earlier than the ones I gave you that was definitely forbidden, between a chap and his late wife's sister.

    I have just been through all 60 of the favourites. Some just need a quick glance, others I may want to find again - hence sorting saturday. I just need to sort my desk, work case, filing cabinet etc and I would be organised!


  3. quite a list you have there! I found your post because I saw that you linked to my post on the iphone app i created. My advice - go for the iPad! It is very handy.... :-)

  4. You haven't missed the copyright article, I've finally finished and posted it at There'll be more to come on different types of records. Nice idea about favouriting tweets to follow up once on a big screen, I have the same problem when I check Twitter from my phone once in a blue moon.

    Alex @OnePlaceStudies

  5. Thanks for mentioning me on your list. :)
    I've been drooling over ipads, but can't justify the expense. I have an ipod and an iphone and a laptop. Seems like overkill. They're really cool though, aren't they??

    Climbing My Family Tree


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