Friday, 4 February 2011

Family History Writing Challenge - Day 4

A few weeks ago, as part of a Graveyard Rabbits post I commented about the grave of my Great Grandparents who were buried in a joint grave at The Mount Cemetery Guildford. John Matthews who died in 1931 and Mary Elizabeth Matthews nee Elstone who died in 1937.

Here are two photos of the grave, the first in 1937 and the second in 2007.

Grave of John & Mary Matthews

Grave of John Matthews & Mary Elizabeth Matthews nee Elstone

About ten years ago I was emailed by a fellow genealogist, we share several surnames the same, but can not find any connection. Anyway, had I seen the notice about The Mount Cemetery? I replied that I had not and in due course a photo of the sign was emailed across to me. On my next visit to Surrey a few weeks later I went to the Cemetery, located the plot and photographed the grave. The plot had been purchased by my Great Grandmother on a lease for 75 years. That had been what the notice was about. I pondered and upon my return home I contacted the cemetery office and laid claim to the grave and asked that the grave now be placed in my ownership. In doing so, the plot can not be disturbed without my consent and I am responsible for any repairs necessary.

According to my Grandmother, her mothers coffin had been lead lined because she had cancer of the stomach and there were concerns that something might happen post mortem. I have not investigated this further, and at some point plan to send for her death certificate. How dreadful though, to loose your Mother and then to find out the finer details of her burial arrangements. Apparently the weather leading up to the funeral was very bad; snow and ice and Mary Elizabeth's Cousin with the surname Boxall was unable to make the funeral.

Now that snippet of information, at the point when it was given to me simply raised more questions. The name of Boxall in the Surrey,Sussex and Hampshire borders is common. I do know that Mary Elizabeth was born in Liphook Hampshire and I will again have a further search for a potential candidate, but in reality it is the proverbial needle in a haystack situation.

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  1. Anonymous1:57 am

    Fascinating! Also, it's always interesting to see how things change over the years.


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