Thursday, 17 February 2011

Blogging about Books and Writing Group Ball - 17-20 February 2011

She Writes
Blogging about Books and Writing Group Ball
Thursday 17 - Sunday 20 February 2011

Over at She Writes, Meg who hosts the 1st Books blog thought it would be great to host an online Ball as a get to know you event - great idea! So here's the deal:
  • Add your own blog using the Linky, leaving a description of your blog
  • Add a post on your own blog sharing a blogging tip
  • Visit the other blogs and leave comments!

Welcome to Anglers Rest, where I describe my blog as The Rambling Obsessions of a Fisherman's wife! ~ a real assortment, with snippets of genealogy,books, cross stitching, scrap booking, web pages and general ramblings. Really the blog reflects the two big obsessions in my world, reading and books and genealogy, and if I can merge my two obsessions so much the better! Stop by and have a browse!

What tip can I pass on? Well, write from the heart. I know perhaps lots of people will read it and you might not want that, but there is something very curious about committing finger to keyboard something that might be personal, that perhaps you would not say face to face, or write down and show to someone, that you can do over the Internet via a blog. Somehow, being "out there" is anonymous. Think about it, it is curious isn't it?

Here is the link to others taking part.


  1. Fellow blog hopper here. That's a good blogging tip - keeps it all authentic. I'm a genealogist too (did I spell that right?). Will have to compare notes.

  2. SheWrites hopper here. Your tip is a lot like mine. Authenticity is important. And I think your followers appreciate it because it's what distinguishes you from everyone else.

  3. Yes, another blog hopper here. Angler, I can't read your blog listings. There is not enough contrast between the yellow type and the pale green background for these old eyes. A dark color text would really help. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks Carolyn for your comments. I'll have a look at the colours - the links should be a dark green/brown for those not clicked and an deep orange colour for those clicked - I'll investigate tomorrow.

  5. Just stopping by on the blog hop...

    I have been blogging for over 2 years and made some wonderful friends just be being myself on my blog. Great advice!

  6. Hi Anglers Rest! A fisherman's wife...I can understand that. I was a fisherman's daughter who would be out in the boat with my dad from before sun up to a mite after sunset. Long days, but I actually loved it.

    Your blog sounds colorful, and I like your upfront honesty about writing from the heart. Yes, it is quite curious indeed:~)

  7. Another two-step from a SheWriter who has finally taken off her heels and slipped into a pair of nice comfy flats! Whew, it's been a long dance.

    Great blogging tip Angler. You might be interested to know that I was a fisherman's wife once, my husband, when I met him and for several years after, was paying his way through college by commercial salmon fishing during the summer. Hard work indeed, but to eat freshly caught canned sockeye the rest of the year was divine!

  8. Hi Angler! Just found your blog through the hop and I'm looking forward to following it. Great tip!

  9. Hi, fellow She Writer! What is so nice about the blog hop is that not only do you get new readers on your blog (thanks for visiting), you get to find new reads to revisit (which I will).

    All the best,

  10. Nice getting to know you! Your blog title pulled me in - my dad was a big (noncommercial) fisherman - I fish myself - and like to dabble about in boats. Sailboats.
    I like what you have to say about writing from your own concerns and loves.

  11. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I've enjoyed reading other's blogs and getting to know you all.

  12. Being transparent is a great tip, especially if you're doing an advice blog or a help blog.


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