Sunday, 6 February 2011

Save our Libraries Day - 5th February 2011

Save our Libraries Day was yesterday, so I am posting a little late. When the Coalition walked into Parliament I heard David Cameron's speech in which he mentioned "Big Society" I am not too sure just where closing libraries, reducing spending in the benefit system so that it affects those who genuinely need it and reducing the services offered by the NHS and the Care Services fits the plan of Big Society and I am deeply saddened by this.

From what I can see Devon libraries are not looking at closures, but perhaps some reduction to opening hours and whilst that is not perfect, it is better than the alternative, although the Records Offices in Devon are to be affected with reduced opening hours. I grew up in Surrey and see that Surrey libraries, along with others in the Country are to be affected by the plans.

I can't recall when I received my library ticket. I do recall going to Guildford library with my mother and being allowed to choose a few books perhaps 4 or so. In the 1970s the tickets were made of a strongish cardboard and the ticket from the book slotting into the cardboard ticket. Later on the tickets were replaced with a credit card size ticket with a bar code and were scanned. I remember sitting in the children's section and when I felt ready, moving across to young adult and finally adult books where the historical fiction held my attention. Upstairs was the reference section and the non fiction books and on the top floor was the local history section where I spent lots of time looking and reading books that helped me undertake various bits of research for my family history. In the last decade or so the local history section merged with the Surrey Records Offices from both the Muniment Room Guildford and Kingston into the newly built office at Woking. Guildford library, I am guessing will not be affected too much, it is a main library in a University town, although it should really have City status. It will be the small libraries and mobile facilities that will be affected and thus they should be protected as best as we can.

Disclaimer. The post above is written based upon my personal opinion. It is not written as a political post

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