Thursday, 17 February 2011

Family History Writing Challenge - Day 16

Following on from the Ellis post, was it yesterday? I was inspired because of two things. I dusted the photo of Caroline Ellis in the lounge and thought that I should look at the Ellis family for day 16 and then I picked up my email and there was an email via Genes Reunited from someone who connected with the Ellis family. Not just the Ellis family of Elstead, but my particular branch of the Ellis family. Horray!

I then ploughed my way through oddles and oddles of papers, all on the Ellis family. Reading everything as I went. I emailed back to the enquirer delighted that contact had been made. I then received another message via Genes Reunited from someone who was a known cousin to the first email researcher. Excellent, I zapped off an quick email and thought were there any more? Well, there was one more researcher who recorded their interested ancestor as George Ellis born 1775 in Guildford that I had not been in touch with. I email them and opened my tree for viewing.

I was delighted and exhausted after reading all those Ellis papers, to see that the last correspondent also connects to my particular branch and he is descended from the brother of my Great Great Grandmother Caroline, Frederick Ellis.

Genealogy has the last laugh because Frederick Ellis born 1846 and brother to Caroline only went and married a Harris. I am no longer wondering if there is a connection, I am wondering when I shall find it or will the last laugh be on me?

Word count 263

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