Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Sunday Salon - A week of books

A few weeks ago I spotted a post at the Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that mentioned a book, indeed a series of books about Australia and thought that they sounded great series. I set about looking on the usual sites Amazon UK and eBay UK and I think I eventually found the first in the series, Outback, on eBay. I waited about a week, having had the email from the seller to say the book had been posted before contacting the seller to advise the book had not arrived. We both assumed it was lost in the post and a refund arrived into my Paypal account. Then on Friday I arrived home to find the book had arrived. It had been travelling around Royal Mail for three weeks. Horray! and the payment returned to the seller. So I am looking forward to starting that Australian series. There does seem to be very little about the author, Aaron Fletcher online, and I am not even sure about the order of the books in the series, and I am afraid I am slightly obsessive about reading books in order.

I have recently completed a book that I read for both the Victorian & Historical book challenge. The book is called the Autobiographical Recollections of John Bowring. A fascinating book and I need to sit and reflect further before writing the review.

I have made some progress with the book cataloguing and will post about that another time, needless to say it is going to take a while to complete that task. I have also written a post in support of Save our Libraries Day

I also finished reading the festive book in the knitting series by Maggie Sefton. Fleece Navidad. It was actually read out of order, and I may have to re read the next book before buying the latest in the series. See, I said I was obsessive! My current read is A Secret Place by Rachel Hore and I am also in the middle of a super hardback book called The Girl on the wall: One Life's Rich Tapestry by Jean Baggott. I saw this book advertised and reviewed in one of the UK genealogy magazines a year or so ago and added it to my Amazon wish list then made the purchase just after Christmas. It is a super book, one that simply has to be held and stroked occasionally! A website to accompany the book is available and well worth viewing.

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  1. I'm glad the book finally made it to you, and that the seller was so responsive in initially refunding your money. A 3-week delivery - yikes! Hopefully, the book is worth the purchasing adventure.

    Enjoy your books - Fleece Navidad sounds like fun!


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