Monday, 28 February 2011

NaBloPoMo - Introduction

I spotted the details for NaBloPoMo recently on someone's blog and though what a good idea. I will try to fulfil the challenge by writing every day, although I do often write in advance and then forget to post!

NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month. The Goal is for participants to write a post each day for a month. To help inspire bloggers, NaBloPoMo allocates a theme for each month.

The theme for March 2011 is "In a Word".

Below is the words that I have chosen to use and each day I will update the list.

Ist March - Spring
2nd March - Temperature
3rd March - Birthday
4th March - Weekend
5th March - Association
6th March - Books
7th March - Friendship
8th March - Blog
9th March - Letters
10th March - Photographs
11th March - Death
12th March -
13th March -
14th March -
15th March -
16th March -
17th March -
18th March -
19th March -
20th March -
21st March -
22nd March -
23rd March -
24th March -
25th March -
26th March -
27th March -
28th March -
29th March -
30th March -
31st March -

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