Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Treasure of the Month - January 2011

I have wanted to write this post for several weeks. My dilemma was what Treasure should I start this monthly thread with. I knew that if I waited I would eventually make the decision and today it wasn't so much a decision, it was more that the Treasure was obvious and I can not believe that it has taken me two weeks to realise it.

The treasure is Memories. There is nothing to see, apart from a set of rather basic looking note books in which I jot down some memories in addition to the family history information passed to me by family members. There is no monetary value on those memories, they can not be insured against for loss, just simply shared with those who are interested and perhaps recorded for the future, some are posted within the confines of this blog and shared with a wider scope of reader. There are of course some memories which are confined only to my mind and will not be shared with anyone, and when the time comes they will pass along with me.

How do you record your memories and do we really understand the value of them?

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