Tuesday, 10 January 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 26

Joining the weekly 100 words challenge for Grown ups. This week the prompt is to use the following five words in a paragraph of no more than 105 words. 
Aghast Aquamarine Aeroplane Acted After

The women, was wearing a ghastly aquamarine hat with a purple coat and red stilettos. She made quite an impression as she stood at the departure gate.  She listened as the airport staff informed her that the departure gate was closed. In fact she was aghast.  She simply had to get on that aeroplane. How could they refuse? She had acted in some very important films. They would be sorry after she had finished with them, they would only be fit to clean the planes with a toothbrush. Wearing her most wicked expression she told them so. Nonetheless, the departure gate was still closed.

Taking part in the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #26


  1. This sounds like a perfect next chapter to Snellopy's piece!

    So glad that the "Don't you know who I am?" routine didn't work though!

  2. Yes, there are times when hystrionics will get you absolutely nowhere - whoever you think you are. Love the matter-of-fact last sentence.

  3. Well written! (I hadn't heard about this challenge. So many interesting projects... so little time...)

  4. Great piece...I was glad she didn't get her way. Its so aggravating when celebs walk all over people.

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Compact and well written. I agree it would follow Snellopy's piece nicely. I wanted to use ghastly and aghast together, but couldn't pull it off - you pulled it off nicely.

  6. Well done! With an outfit like that she's lucky they didn't toss her out of the airport altogether.

  7. Some people need to be put in their place, especially wearing that ensemble!

  8. I love this! You can just see the look of satisfaction of the stewardess face! you have created an absolutely unforgettable costume too. It is firmly in my head - darn it!


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