Thursday, 12 January 2012

Japanese Ukiyo-e Floral Prints by Daniel & Denise Ankele

Japanese Ukiyo-e Floral Prints

This is an eBook that I spotted via Amazon just after Christmas. I downloaded to my iPad and Kindle and viewed on my iPad as the Kindle is not in colour. At the time I downloaded, this was a free book.

This is a beautiful collection of floral prints from 1868 - 1912. The collection does contain a few landscapes, but in the main most are of flowers. This is a purely visual experience.

The Hibiscus by Mrs Bellasis circa 1802
One of the things that did intrigue me was the picture of the Hibiscus plant - a lovely vibrant picture. 

As readers may recall I came across a picture in the Mitchell Library, State Library for New South Wales that was drawn by my ancestor - Mrs Bellasis circa 1802 - 1803. You can read about that HERE

This made me wonder, just how the flower came to be in Australia? Or was it something that Mrs Bellasis drew from an early book?

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