Thursday, 19 January 2012

Family History Writing Challenge - Reflections on the 2011 Challenge

I did take the 28 days pledge, the one that made last February the month for the Family History Writing Challenge. When I wrote the introductory post I talked about a set of notebooks that I had written over the last 20 years, written from visits to my Great Aunts and other relatives.

It occurs to me that I have not once looked at the notebooks that I mentioned in my 2011 introduction. The posts that have been written have been done so from my memory, recollections and my computer programme. I could not possibly remember all those dates!

The posts were made in an almost logical fashion. I started with my Grandmother and steadily worked backwards. There were the odd deviation and separate posting, written as the fancy took me!

By being able to write several thousand words without the notebooks makes me wonder what else there is to post. Actually the word count sits at 11,557 excluding the introductory post, which was 253 words and this post of somewhere in the region of 200 words. There are lots and lots and get the picture? What information do we each store in our memories? Things that will overtime be lost. Even my own Mum failed to remember something that she herself told me a few years ago.

I have an idea of what to do with the data collected and written about during February 2011. I also plan to add to those initial 28 a selection of other posts written during the year. I then plan to publish. Depending on how and what I write for the challenge this year they may, or may not be included.

What are your plans for the contents of the 2011 writing challenge?


  1. I think that I will look over what I've written on my blog and see what order I can put some of the posts in and fill it in to flow better.

  2. Anonymous12:46 am

    Good writing in the 2012 challenge Julie. Keeping on top of family history is no mean problem.


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