Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wapperwell Lake

The weather here in the South West of England has been dreadful, some really heavy rain and very, very strong winds. For Christmas I bought for Stuart a season ticket to the local fishing association and he has been itching to not only go fishing (very big yawn!) but also to have a wander around the various lakes covered by the membership.

So, we decided to take Alfie and have a drive out the 6 miles or so to Chudleigh to Wapperwell Lake. Alfie was on the lead the whole time and armed with a small supply of poop bags (just in case!) we, well actually, I, limped around the lake. It was lovely, despite the very strong winds.

Alfie full of Expectation.  Do I have to jump or are you going to carry me?

Alfie having a mid walk rest with Stuart.
It was dreadfully cold with the wind chill, and we were not there long, just once around the lake and a few photos. It looks a nice spot. Perhaps Stuart can fish and I can sit in a chair with a book or two and a flask of tea, only if the sun is out and it is not too hot!

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  1. A delightful post-holiday blog post. Loved the pictures and Alfie could jump into my arms any old day.


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