Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Family History Writing Challenge 2012 - Getting Ready

I have spent much of the last week re reading the posts from last year and wondering whether to create a theme to my writing, and focus on particular individuals, or whether to follow last year's patten and start and with a Grandparents and my way back steadily wove across the generations and contemplations. Or perhaps to use the notebooks I mentioned in the introduction to last year's challenge. Even at the point of writing this, I am still undecided.

I have always planned to publish the data of my research in book form. In my reflections post last week I indicated that I was intending to use the 28 posts from February 2011 and a selection of other genealogical posts as the focal point for that book. I may well include the posts from 2012 in the book, it will depend on the length from the selection made.

Whatever I decide to focus on, I will be aided by the photographs, personal recollection from myself. My Mum very often adds interesting snippets and of course more than 25 years of research. These photographs are just some of that data.

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