Tuesday 31 January 2012

Carnival Of Genealogy 114: Creative Gene's iGene Awards for 2011!

This is the first year I have taken part in the iGene awards. I hope you enjoy revisiting these posts, which are a selection from 2011.

Best Comedy 
There is not especially lots of humour at Anglers Rest blog. Hopefully, not because I am grumpy, but just because that is the way it is. It might seem odd to select a post about Disasters, which appeared as the post for week 10 of 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy. There is a wonderful story which is about my Grandmother - completely oblivious to the potential chaos! Read that post HERE

Best Biography 
The nomination for this is probably the lengthy post I wrote about Henry Rhodes Hindle, who is a relative of my husband's. Henry was born in England in 1904 and  migrated as a baby in 1905. A fascinating history and I really enjoyed piecing together Henry and his parent's life. You can read the full post HERE

Best Documentary
This is awarded to the post I submitted to commemorate Australia Day 2011. It reflects the trials and tribulations of George Bridges Bellasis and his wife Esther, nee King. Esther was truly a remarkable women. She made her mark in history. You can read that post HERE
Best Screen Play
Now, this is not cheating, but for this I am also going to nominate the post I submitted for Australia Day 2011. Where Esther was a remarkable women, her husband was a bit of a scamp! and I think his story would make a fabulous screen play! That post is HERE

Best Picture
The award for this goes to one of my favourite family photographs.
The photograph shows my Great Great Grandmother, Caroline Harris nee Ellis and four of her daughters, My Great Grandmother is the lady on the far left. You can read the post that I submitted to Fearless Females HERE

Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Jasia at CreativeGene


  1. Nice roundup of stories. I think I would enjoy the story of romance and violence you have got there in the story with the Australian connection.

  2. Great choices, Julie! When I saw the Hindle surname (Best Biography) I remembered that I was going to look up the Hindle families on my husband's tree to see if there might be a connection to yours. It doesn't appear that's the case. His Hindle line is from the towns of Haslingden and Altham in Lancashire. He does have a Taylor from Bradford, Yorkshire. Nancy born about 1806 and married to William Stringer. That's about as close as I get. :-(

    Thanks for participating in the COG, Julie!


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