Sunday, 15 January 2012

Masters: Art Quilts, Vol. 2 Curated by Martha Sielman

Masters: Art Quilts, Vol. 2

Published by Lark Crafts September 2011. ISBN - 978-1-60059-599-8. Curated by Martha Sielman.

This is a beautiful collection of photographs illustrating the amazing talent by 40 creators across the globe. As I sat and viewed each picture I had to really remind myself that this was not simply a painting that had been photographed for the purpose of the publication. Each one was a quilt that had been made to produce the overall effect. This is truly a collection of works by some very talented individuals.

Each chapter starts with some details of the artist involved. The pages that follow are filled with wonderful examples of that individuals work. Beneath each illustration is the sizes of the original, along with the materials used to create what can only be described as a work of art. 

The collections within the book are truly inspirational.

Small print - I received a copy from the publisher. I was not paid for the review and the review is my genuine opinion of the book.

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