Sunday, 22 January 2012

21st Century Organised Family Historian - Week 4 - Set up a Work Area

Continuing the weekly theme organised by Michelle at The Turning of Generations.

I am very lucky. I have a whole room designated to my obsessions! The 4th bedroom in the house is at the top of the house. From this room we can access the attic area. The only problem is that there is not a huge amount of natural light, due to the design of the house.

This room houses all my genealogical material, photograph archive and most of my books, although I do actually have books in pretty much all the rooms, with the exception of the room my Mum uses when she comes to stay. There are also two huge filing cabinets, which contain most of the genealogical material, although the table which sits in front of the window in my study currently has a series of folders that I am currently clearing through. Incidentally, the table was my Grandmother's so I quite like to sit there and work. 

In my room there are two main work areas. My desk is actually a large table and houses my main desktop, our printer, scanner and copier and usually my laptop and telephone. Grandmother's table which is in front of the window I tend to use for my iPad with keyboard, or perhaps laptop if I don't need to be connected to the power source, or I can clear the table completely and use it for sorting, filing and being creative.

I would post a photograph or two, but not until I have reduced the chaos of books, files and papers to a more  organised feature! A former boss once told me that there were filer's and piler's. Guess what I am!


  1. You're indeed lucky to have a dedicated room! Hope you get those piles filed soon...

    1. I am lucky. I do value my "little space". I am sure fairies come in over night and create more piles though!

  2. Anonymous12:00 pm

    I keep meaning to write on the COFH topics but I've been too disorganised. I know exactly what you mean about piles etc. I have the study to myself but it still fills up with stuff. If I had a wish-list it would be for a sorting desk but there's no space after the bookcases have taken over :-) Happy filing!

    1. If you have the room how about a collapsible picnic table for sorting? Just occasionally I have one of those too!


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