Monday, 16 January 2012

21st Century Organised Family Historian - Week 3 - Process Photos & Files

Continuing the weekly thread organised by Michelle at The Turning of Generations

Being of slightly obsessive disposition, I do keep numerous backups and updates. The reason for this obsession is that I learn't the hard way!

As soon as I have taken a series of photos they are backed up to my external hard drive, each with a clear named folder. They are then added to Flickr, with again clear titles. Any photos that I want to remain private are flagged accordingly. I also make a CD of specific photographs - such as holidays or trips away.
Photos taken with my iPhone are imported into my laptop and the folder marked with the date and a one word description for example - 2011-13-07 - Jersey. At the end of every month I back up the months files to my external hard drive and then start the whole process again.

Going forward, I plan to remain making a back up via external hard drive, CD and Flickr. What I do need to do is to start going back through the external hard drive moving the genealogical photos into the surname folders. I do have a master folder on the external hard drive of all our old family photos.

I also need to continue digitalising the photographs we have. We currently have three huge plastic crates in the loft area. Each paper envelope is named (either my initials or hubby) and a date, especially the ones that relate to our lives before we married. For example I have loads of my time in Australia in the early 1990s and hubby has lots from his time in the Navy. I also have rather a lot of cemetery photographs. Some for individuals that are known to be related, others taken because they might be!

I do have a scanner, but am seriously considering purchasing a Flip Pal Scanner, which is not readily available here in the UK. Even Amazon directs the search to their US site.


  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    I'm impressed by your organization. I keep backups etc but you are so much more efficient. Photos really are a challenge to organize especially when there are decades worth pre-digitization.

  2. Great backup plan! I know what you mean by learning the hard (and painful) way.

    Go for the FlipPal. You'll be glad you did!

  3. Anonymous12:48 am

    A tip on the Flip_Pal. If you know anyone going to the States for work or play, you can order it online at Amazon and have it sent to their hotel. I did this last year, having first let the hotel know and ensuring the packing slip had the details etc. It worked just fine & my daughter carried it home from Washington -it's very light. Do tell your helper that they don't need to carry all it's packing.


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