Saturday 14 January 2012

Orlando Cherry Brandy

The story behind these little pots is quite interesting.

I inherited a plate from my Grandmother with a very similar patten on it. The design was by the artist, Wattau.

So, in my search to see if there were any other similar plates I came across one of these little pots. On the back is the details of Orlando Cherry Brandy, Aidee liqueurs, Torquay. Interesting, as the name of Orlando appears in my Italian ancestry, I simply had to buy the little pot. Then I bought another, and another.....
I actually do not live too far from Torquay, so I set about to research a little about the business, that closed long ago.


  1. Delightful little pots! I do love it when one thing leads to another-- and then another -- and another. Evidently, so you you.

  2. Any idear as to what the one at the back far right is worth as i just been given it to sell lol

    1. Ian, from memory I have paid between £2 to £5 each depending on condition, if they have contents or the detail on the front.


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