Thursday, 12 January 2012

Unraveling Ada, a Quilted Mystery novel by Barbara Sullivan

Unraveling Ada, a Quilted Mystery novel

I was delighted when I spotted via Amazon just before Christmas. I had high hopes for the book and I wasn't disappointed. In fact I was only about a third of the way through the book when I checked if there was another in the series, which there was!

The series, opens with the introduction of the narrator Rachel, who with her husband Matt run a private investigator business. Rachel has a background in libraries and is a quilter looking for a regular American  style quilting bee. Matt is an former military man. They are pretty much the business, although they do have a small team of employee who help them complete the various contracts.

Having looked for a quilting bee without success, the participants in one contact Rachel and invite her to join. Rachel does and is somewhat bewildered with the other members. Each one seems to have a story to tell and one to hide. By the end of the first evening, a member of the group ask Rachel if they can employer her to do some investigations. Rachel, agrees and leaves the quilting be clutching a diary,quilt, a family tree and lots and lots of questions....

The story that unfolds is not complex, but it is a story with lots of strands, much like the strands holding a quilt together. The strands come together, which culminates with Rachel being threatened. Her investigations are getting close to the truth......and generations of secrets are about to be told.

I loved this book. It has everything that I love, characters that felt like they were having a conversation with me, a good storyline and a complex genealogy. 

I am currently reading the second book in the series and I hope there is more in the series to come.


  1. I'm off to the bookstore soon to look for this book. Though I'm not a quilter, I love family history and a nice mystery. Thanks for the suggestion! Have you read the quilting series by Jennifer Chiaverini? I've enjoyed browsing through your blog this morning as I sip my coffee and watch the snow coming down outside my window here in Kentucky.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Beth. Yes, I am a fan of the Elm Creek series and currently reading the very latest book.
      I am glad you have enjoyed the blog and I hope there is not too much snow - we have just got rid of it!


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