Tuesday, 28 February 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 32

Joining the weekly 100 words challenge for Grown ups. This week the prompt is to use the following with no more than 100 words.

........take a leap of faith.....

They had discussed plans for the future, but……

The whole downsize, relocate and travel plans were hanging there, flapping in the breeze, just not quite within reach, but why not?  There was always, the excuses, a room needs to be decorated, or work is getting too busy to think of moving house, or there is too much sorting to be done now and what is the rush?

Then on the other hand, life is for living and you only live once, not to mention, let there be no regrets.

Sometimes, a leap of faith is all that is needed.

Taking part in the 100 word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #32
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  1. I wonder how many people are caught up in this dilemma? It certainly requires a leap of faith. I feel for them.

  2. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Agreed. So many people just wait and wait for something to happen instead of taking the leap.

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    There is never going to be the perfect moment is there.


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