Friday, 3 February 2012

NaBloPoMo - February 2012 - Relative! - Day 3

I had not looked at the prompts so far, but thought that today I would. The creative juices are just not flowing! Today's prompt is about siblings. I thought that I would focus on those of my Husband. I am always fairly envious that he has a series of siblings. I know that sounds odd, but both his parents had been previously married and both had children from those marriages.

The reality is that my husband has 4 siblings - a sister, a half brother and sister from one parent's first marriage and a half sister from the other parent's first marriage. They all for a time lived together, so you would think that they have some form of emotional attachment to one another. Alas no. Not even a glimpse of emotional attachment or even friendship.

I find it rather sad that none of them value one of the most fundamental things - Family. Of course, sometimes things are said and done that actually you reach a point of no return and that is where we are now. To some, family is disposable and I wonder when they will realise exactly what they have lost....

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