Friday, 10 February 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 5 - Life Experiences

Week 5- Life Experiences - Sometimes the changes in life provide the best learning experiences. Can you find examples of this in your own family history? Which brick wall ancestor are you most thankfully for, and how did that person shape your family history experience?

Challenge from Sunday 29th January 2012 - Saturday 3rd February 2012

I grew up knowing that my Mum had a cousin that had gone to Australia at the end of the Second World War and had never returned to England. It broke my Great Aunt's heart. So, when I decided in my early twenties to go to Australia and travel it seemed that I really should look him up and say hello.

A friend and fellow genealogist helped me and wrote on my behalf and I followed with a letter. What I was presented with, was simply amazing and I am very, very fortunate to have met him and his family and developed a real sense of friendship and love with his family.

Whilst I was curious of his life down under, his children and grandchildren were equally as curious of their ancestors and relatives here in England. Since then almost 20 years has passed and I shall never forget the kindness shown to me, a virtual stranger despite our blood connections. We have come  to mean a great deal to each other despite the many, many miles.


  1. Both sets of you approached the meeting with openness and curiosity which probablynhelped. How great that you've formed wonderful bonds, and how wonderful that genealogy led you there.

    1. It is wonderful Pauline, and despite the miles our friendship and love wins, with the help of modern technology!


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