Monday, 27 February 2012

The Reader Geneameme

Geniaus has set us a challenge to honour the National Year of Reading
The list should be annotated in the following manner:
  • Things you have already done or found = bold type
  • Things you would like to do or find = italic and colour
  • Things you have not done or care to do = plain type

  1. Have you written any books? Yes and another in the early stages
  2. Have you published any books? Yes, a digital reprint on CD of a book written by someone else. My own will be self published and is currently being proof read.
  3. Can you recommend an inspiring biography? Billy by Pamela Stephenson
  4. Do you keep a reading log? If yes, in what format? Yes, in book form and have done so since 1982
  5. Are you a buyer or borrower of books? Both, but I buy more than I borrow!
  6. Where do you get your reading recommendations? Articles in the paper, or via blogs or Goodreads or LibraryThing
  7. What is the ONE genealogical reference book you can not do without? The Genealogist's Guide to the Internet by Peter Christian
  8. Do you hoard books or do you discard them when you have finished? I am a dreadful book hoarder. In 2005 I had a major cull, the first since my childhood. I keep some books and discard others.
  9. How many books are in your genealogical library? LOTS and LOTS
  10. What is your favourite genealogy magazine or journal? Historically Family Tree Magazine (UK) but over time I have read all the published ones. I tend to now read many on line, but always buy a genealogy magazine when I am going off on a trip or if there is a special article I want to read. I actually have every genealogy magazine I have ever bought in the loft and am contemplating whether to keep them or not. Comments welcome! Family History Society journals are the same, I still have every copy. My favourite is the one published by the Guild of One Name Studies and the journals of the West Surrey FHS.
  11. Where are the bookshelves in your house? Everywhere, but mainly in my study on the 3rd floor of the house. (the poor removal men when they had to carry all the books and bookcases up all the stairs)
  12. Do you have an e-reader? Yes, A Kindle
  13. How many library cards do you have? Quite a few. Some might be dormant, but libraries usually unfreeze them with ID!
  14. What was the last genealogy title you read? Tracing your Channel Island Ancestors by Marie Louise Backhurst and Fragments of a Dream by Leopolda Dobrzensky.
  15. What is your favourite bookshop? My very favourite was a shop in Guildford called Thorps, it closed a few years ago. It was a real treasure trove. Otherwise I like Waterstones, but find they are not like they used to be and now prefer Amazon.
  16. Do you have a traditional printed encyclopedia in your house? - Not in the traditional sense, but I do own a copy of Who Do you Think You Are Encyclopaedia of Genealogy
  17. Who are the authors in your family tree and what have they written? Historically we have a few distant connections to authors - mainly on the BOWRING & BELLASIS line. Where the cost has not been too expensive I have purchased this books!
  18. Who is your favourite author? - I have a few - Bill Bryson is one of them, especially his book called "At Home", another similar book is by Julie Myerson and is called "Home". I also love the Elm Creek series of books by Jennifer Chiaverini. Another favourite is Helene Hanff, I love all her books. For some extra escapism I love the various cozy mysteries available via Amazon and the Alphabet series by Sue Grafton. 
  19. Where do you buy books? - Mainly on line at Amazon
  20. Can you nominate a must read fiction title? There are so many, a favourite is Floating Brothel by Sian Rees & Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes both books read more than once
  21. How many books are in your personal library? - I am too scared to count! there are LOTS and LOTS. Seriously, I really should catalogue my entire book collection including e-books. 
  22. What is your dictionary of choice? Oxford my Christmas present in 1986 was a leather bound edition with my initials on it which I still use.
  23. Where do you read? - Anywhere & everywhere. I hesitate in the bath it depends on how attached I am to the book. I once dropped a FHS journal in the bath and it never really recovered!
  24. What was your favourite childhood book? Various Enid Blyton books, some of which I still have.
  25. Do you have anything else to say about books and reading?  As a child I was allowed to purchase a book a week from Woolworths or Smiths.  I have comforting memories of being a little girl and sitting on my Grandmothers knee while she read to me. Some of those books I still have. I have because of this always loved books and being able to browse a table of books at a fete, shelves in a charity shop or in a booksellers. I love all things bookish!


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Julie, I'm intrigued by the similarities between our responses....but perhaps that would hold true of many book obsessives.

    1. I have just read your responses & agree there are a few similarities - I love Helene Hanff books. One of my favourites was Apple of my Eye, in which Helene gives a great account of the World Trade Centre.

  2. Julie, I enjoyed reading this. I have added your suggestions to my 'List of authors to try'. My contribution to the Reader GeneaMeme is in Genealogy Leftovers.


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