Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Howard Davis Park, Jersey Channel Islands WW2 Graves

P1030304P1030305P1030306P1030307Maurice Jay GouldMaurice Jay Gould
Mentioned in small print on the tourist map of Jersey is the name Howard Davis Park. Alongside the name of the park is the mention of "W.W.2 War Graves". It was seeing the mention of War Graves that made us visit the park in October 2011.

In front of us lay two groups of graves. The graves represent Servicemen who died during the Second World War. Some individuals were named, others were not. These were men whose bodies were recovered during the War and were buried within the confines of the park with the respect they deserved. They were cared for in death by the population of an Island that was inhabited from 1940 by the German Army. Yet, despite those tough times, the local population wanted those individuals to be remembered. This set is the photographs of all the named graves represented.

Further photographs are HERE

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  1. A fascinating and sad history. Worth following up.


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