Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Adam Clark Vroman by Daniel & Denise Ankele

This is a delightful collection of 40 reproduction photographs depicting Indian life in the South Western United States.

The book starts off with a small biography of Adam Clark Vroman, which explains that Vroman started experimenting with photography in 1892. He sold his rare book collection in order to open a store in Pasadena that sold photography equipment, books and stationary. Vroman never sold the photographs he took, preferring to give them to travelling companions with similar interests. Interestingly, Vroman's bookstore still operates in Pasadena.

Incidentally, a quick search via the Internet reveals a link to Vroman with more details of his life and photographs at the California Museum of Photography. Even in these financially troubled times, the book store still flourishes HERE.

The photographs shown are a small glimpse into the everyday life of Hopi and Zuni people. They are depicted  going about there every day business, some are in poses and there is even a photograph showing the involvement of the hair (see cover photograph). For me this was a delightful way of spending an hour or so, looking at the photographs and seeing what other data is available on line. Fascinating!

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