Friday, 17 February 2012

Beyond the Internet: Week 7 and the days of the old school yard.

Do you remember having school photographs taken about yearly? I do and still have my photographs that were taken of the whole school year.

I remember watching Mum writing the Christmas cards to my Aunts and enclosing one of the small photos of me from School. When my Aunt died a few years ago we came across a set of school photos of myself and my cousins. Happy memories!

My senior school has formed a Alumni Society. I became aware of it a few years ago via Friends Reunited, where the groups seems rather active. They also have a Facebook page. They have recently starting sending out newsletters by email and I noticed today on the website there was a few I had missed, so I caught up on my reading. The was a summer reunion of all pupils last year, which I missed as it clashed with our holiday, but I have plans to attend this year and am looking forward to it.

The girls shirts were apple green. Gosh they were dreadful. As each year pupils around the age of 16, left or moved into the 6th form, we watched in envy as the girls had messages written on their green shirt of that final day. At last it was my turn and whilst I carried on into the sixth form I still had my shirt written on by friends and teachers. I still have my shirt and the badge which I removed from the blazer.

I do not recall any year books being published, but perhaps they were. I have shared some of my school photos via Facebook with friends from those days. One could even remember when the senior photograph was taken - very impressive!


  1. They didn't take school photos when I was in school. We did have a high school yearbook and I still have it. I have my mother's yearbook too.

  2. Thanks for joining in again Julie. Don't those old school photos bring back memories. Our daughters' classes did some of the writing-on-uniforms or those write-on teddy bears. In my (dinosaur) day we all finished on different days depending on our subjects because we all sat external exams set for the whole state.

    1. My senior school had originally been a Grammar school, so retained much of the pomp and ceremony of those days. In England when I was at senior school there was the CSE which was graded upon exam and course work. These students generally left in May. Then the O level students based the grades only on exams and they generally finished in June. Regardless, everyone had to attend the final assembly and go through the pomp. I still have my apple green shirt all covered with ink and pen where pupils and teachers wrote messages. Even those of us who returned for the A Levels found it has a very different feel to it and the magic of our final year vanished!


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