Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NaBloPoMo - February 2012 - Relative! - Day 6

All those genealogical loose end drive me potty! How do we keep track of them all? 

I have a note book, which is much out of date. I also have a sort of a mind-map set out my individuals. I also have my regular note books which focus on various snippets of information which are jotted down as I think of them, or perhaps when I am reading. 

One this morning was PIM family to Russia - Paper mill - check file. I wrote this in my journal, but then I have done that before! I was reminded of the details from an article I read. There is nothing new here with the information, but a renewal of the thought process that I need to research this line further. Each time you retrace your genealogical steps, either literally or through a paper trail, another thought occurs and is added to the list.

On looking at the data that I have already - here is the details in bullet point format.
  1. Pim, Elstone and Warren links to paper making - Sussex & Hampshire
  2. These three family names also have links to Devon & Paper making - are these the same families?
  3. Pim line to Russia  - establishing a paper mill
  4. Elstone line to Canada 1854 - paper mill business
  5. Warren line to Australia - circa 1850
  6. Basic details of the specific businesses & paper mills
  7. Is there a link to the Pim MP?
All these are  lines of research about relatives, not matter how distant or long ago. All these questions.........but how many answers?

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