Saturday, 4 February 2012

NaBloPoMo - February 2012 - Relative! - Day 4

Imagine. A dining table laid for guests. The table set with the best china, sparkling wine glasses and the very best cutlery. Who could be coming for dinner?

What if you could invite a series of your ancestors to dinner? People that had lived and died long before you had been born? Who would you invite?

  • I would invite my 6 x Great Grandfather - Henry Budd (born circa 1700). Please confirm that you were born in Shackleford. I can't check as the original records have not survived!
  • I would invite both of my Grand parents - Lilian Butcher nee Matthews (1912-1995) & George Butcher (1908 - 1974) Just to have one more conversation with them.
  • I would invite my 5 x Great Grandfather John Elstone (1737 - 1799) because I want to understand more of the Paper making business he owned.
  • I would invite my Great Great Grandfather John Matthews (1848 - 1927)  - I have a few questions.....
  • I would invite my Great x 3 Grandmother Emaline Luff (1797 - 1856) -  Why did you say you were born in Bramshot? I did eventually find you in Lurgershall Sussex
Hopefully, we would have a lovely dinner - probably roast turkey as this would be a celebration and turkey would have been expensive during their lifetimes (exception here would be my Grandparents). We would hopefully chat and I would be able to ask them all the questions that I would like to. I wonder what they would make of me and my home, with running water, electricity and all the modern technology.......


  1. Thanks for an inspirational story....I hope you don't mind but tomorrow I'll post a story totally triggered by your post, with links back to yours. It will answer in part, your question about who I'd invite.

    1. Pauline, am flattered! What a lovely idea. Look forward to your post.

  2. hi Julie, The post is uploaded. Hope it lives up to the inspiration! Pauleen


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