Monday, 13 February 2012

Origins Blogfest - When did your writing dream begin? - 13th February 2012

Origins Blogfest

  • Where did your writing dreams begin? 
  • What prompted you to start your blog? 
  • Who was your inspiration?
  • Who first noticed your writing?
When I was at my senior school doing my O-levels I ended up doing a childcare qualification. The reason was that there was a huge time table clash and it was either childcare, music or art, none of which my choice. So, I opted for childcare as I am tone deaf and a three year can probably draw better than me! As part of that course we had to write a children's book. That was in the mid 1980s and I passed the O-level and confined the book to the box of paraphernalia that I have from those days. A few weeks ago I came across the book that I had written and passed a small pondering on should I do anything with it? I haven't decided and we shall have to wait and see.

This blog started ten years ago. In those early days I really wasn't too sure what I should do with it. Over the last 10 years it has evolved and it really has taken off more in the last few years. The feel of the blog is really all the details and things that reflect me as a person - my interests and obsessions, mainly reading and genealogy. There are mentions of lots of ancestors and some family members. My closer family occurs slightly as does our dog, a rather enthusiastic Border Terrier called Alfie. There is only a passing glimpse of my day job and that is the way I like it!

I am not sure that I have a writing dream. I have been working on a writing project for about the last 3 years, and I am not sure if it will ever be published. I started writing this for my benefit, mainly as a get off the chest all the frustrations around a specific issue. If I decide to publish it, in some format then it would need tweaking and perhaps amending.  Otherwise, I am working on a few genealogical type writing projects and they may well be published. 

Anything that I do publish is likely to be self published. I would though, perhaps like to join a small writing and publishing group like Goldenford.


  1. Interesting - Genealogy can be very interesting. God luck to you.I'll be back.

  2. You sound like me - writing wasn't something I just had to do. I rather stumbled my way into this gig.

  3. I recognize your feelings around a possible writing dream. I started writing just for my benefit as well and am not sure if I ever will do something with it. But... I'm happy I did it and will continue with it. I love the journey even if it is hard at times. Hope it did you well too!

  4. I'm just stopping by as one of the co-hosts, and am now your newest follower. Nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by & the follow. I am in the process of still going through the submissions to the blog hop & meeting other authors.

  5. Such a windy path. And BTW...Bloggers are writers! :)

  6. I had a parakeet named Alfie, when I was little. Ahh, memories.

    Genealogy is big in our family, too! Our ancestors hail mostly from Ireland and Scotland, my husband's from France and Germany. Lots of great stories in how we ended up where we are in the States! Well, more in WHAT we did, actually, once we got here. *grin*

    It's nice to *meet* you here in the Fest!

  7. A bit tough to get to 212 people in one day, so I'm sorry for the late Origins blogfest visit. Writing is often something that finds us, and not really something we go looking for on our own.

    your newest follower,

  8. Wonderful story you inspired us.. keep it up!


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