Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Australia: The Bombing of Darwin & One Family's Story by A. A. Gallagher

I came across this via Amazon UK (also available via Amazon US) and downloaded the material as I was interested to read further. In recent weeks, as this is the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin by the Japanese, there has been some increased awareness. I have to say, that whilst I did know some of the details, I knew relatively little about the bombing of what Australian's call the "Top End".

I would not go as so far to say this is a book, more like an essay. That though, does not detract from the importance of the historical event or the events which involved the Darwin population at the time or indeed this family. So many of these stories are forgotten as time passes and a whole generation passes away. So this is a reminder of how the events evolved.

Complete with what I would refer to as an appendix there are references to various details on Wikipedia, information from the Australian Navy Archives, books and further notes. My only criticism is that in order to name the author for this review I had to look to Amazon for the answer, although there is the name of the author on the last page, rather than at the beginning.

This has the basis for a more in depth piece of work and I thank the author for sharing.

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