Sunday, 10 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 10

I have always known right from the start of this research over 20 years ago that one of Esther's sisters did not it would appear go to India. I could not help, but feel slightly troubled. Had I missed something?

The book written by Margaret Bellasis in 1952 devoted a whole chapter to the King sister's in which she mentions there were 7 sisters. One sister, Jane died in 1795, and one sister Ruth remained in England. The remaining 7 sisters were in India and the tenth sibling was a son.

Ruth King was born in Puttenham in 1773. She married William Trod (Trodd) on 2nd December 1800 in Guildford at Stoke Next Guildford church. From research it appears that Ruth was quite insuluar and resided in Guildford after her marriage.

Between 1801 and 1814 Ruth and William reared a family of 6 children, all baptised in the same church at Stoke next Guildford -

William baptised 25 Jan 1801
John baptised in 1804
Hannah baptised 3rd August 1806
Henry baptised 23rd July 1809
Mary baptised 27th October 1811
Dinah baptised 13 Feb 1814

There seemed to be a logical pattern to the names, although I do realise that all of them are quite common names, with the exception of Dinah. Presumably William was named after his father, John after his mother's brother and father and the same applied to Mary and Hannah, both named after her mother's sisters. Henry was the name of Ruth's Grandfather, the father of her mother, Mary and called Henry Budd.

William died in Stoke Next Guildford in October 1825.

I feel there is a storyline here and I am rather intrigued by the lack of an India connection. I am also rather curious of the marriage being held in Stoke Parish as both her parents were still alive and yet she broke with usual tradition of marrying in her parish.


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