Monday, 11 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 11

As I said yesterday, I had always known that one of the sisters remained in the UK, but nonetheless, I decided to revist the book written by Margaret Bellasis in 1952 to see if I had overlooked any further clues with regard to Ruth King.

In that respect I had not, although I was suitable reminded of a few details which I thought I might discuss today.

I have always pondered on what it was exactly that was the catalyst for the King daughters to be sent to India and Margaret Bellasis has perhaps provided a line of enquiry that I had overlooked. On page 133 of Honourable Company it reads

"....There was a family friend, a rich Mr. Holmes, retired from India, and whether from his introduction or not, the eldest of the sisters was early wedded to a Bengal civilian named Morris. The next eldest, Esther, was thereupon invited out to her; and so it was that she came to marry "the handsomest man in India......"

The handsomest man in India was George Bridges Bellasis, and more of his story later. I was intrigued what was the location for the marriage of Mary King and what exactly was Mr Morris doing in India and who was Mr Morris?

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  1. Sounds like there's the potential for some great stories behind these clues Julie.


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