Friday, 8 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 8

Today's photo was taken in around 1971 or so. I am obviously on the left of the photo and the lad on the right is my Cousin Paul, who was the Grandson of my Grandmother's sister Elsie.

This photo was taken in the garden of my Aunt, she loved her garden and had one of those hanging seats  and I recall loving to swing on it and lay on the cushions.

I have not seen Paul in over 30 years, but I know he still lives in the Guildford area, and is married. I wonder if he has a copy of this photo? I could look up his phone number and ring him, but a lot of years has past and I have had a name change, or perhaps Facebook. Would he even remember that lovely sunny day?

In the background you can just make out the wheels of a tricycle and I can recall Paul being able to ride a bicycle and being so jealous. That jealousy lasted a while, as the stabilisers came off my bike and I had no balance at all and would often fall off. I fell off so often I gave up and still can not ride a bike.

Some really happy memories with this photo.


  1. what a gorgeous photo, and gorgeous kids:-) Isn't it a shame how we drift apart... I've got my Day 12 post ready and it's about cousins too. Funny how things like the bike stay in our minds.

  2. What a cute little kid! You make me think I should get in touch with one of my cousins before it's been too long.

  3. Dear Julie - I have only one cousin in the world. I rang him a couple of months ago. We don't catch up very often - maybe once every 10 years or so unfortunately. We live quite a distance apart. Our last conversation was fantastic even though there was some sad news his end. I think it was our best call yet. As you get older I think it gets easier to talk...not sure why....maybe we've experienced more and can share more....maybe the edges get knocked off a bit ;) And don't forget ... boys never pick up the phone first...well not in my experience anyway!

  4. Well, in the post I said that I was contemplating contacting my cousin. Well, I did a quick search for him on Facebook and found him. I did that the day I posted this. The today (1st March) I had a message back - we have connected! Apparently Mum thinks that this photo was the last time I saw him, which means it is over 40 years and he remembered me! How wonderful is that?


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