Friday, 22 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 22

This is a recipe for Wheat Wine. The letter is from my Great Grandmother who has already appeared during the festival on day 6.

This was written in around 1965. This was written in the days when Royal Mail used to delivery second post around lunchtime. From reading this letter, it would appear that my Grandfather, who is George must have asked his Mum for the recipe. No different I guess when my Mum and I share bits via email.

What is special about this is the handwritting and the fact that my Great Grandmother could write. The address at Hurtmore is that Granny, as she was known was living with her daughter Marg and her husband Ernest who was my Grandmother's brother. This was the days of no telephones.

Mum recalls this being made and my Grandfather taking a bottle along to a family wedding. From the comments it was clearly a lethel drink and had everyone's head spinning!

I shared the recipe with a cousin and we keep planning to make it. That said I am not convinced I would drink it, but would like to experience what my Grandparents experienced.


  1. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Reckon that would be fun to try Julie... thanks for sharing. Cheers, Catherine

  2. I hope you make it and it turns out to be fantastic. My mother made tomato wine once but it turned out to be vinegar instead. Bottles would sometimes explode in the basement. She probably corked it too soon. That was her only experiment with making wine.

  3. I've never heard of wheat wine...I wonder what it will taste'll have to report back.


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