Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 6

Given that Amelia Waddell and Keith Jackson had given their children some interesting names I thought I would see what data was "out there"

Mountstuart Goodrick born 1836
Amelia Georgina born 1837
Anna Madeline Hungerford born 1838
Julia Honoria Catherine born 1839
Keith George born 1842
Monimia Emily born 1844

As I said, with names like that it should be fairly easy....shouldn't it?

Well, to some degree it is fairly easy, as there is a peerage involved much of the details is freely available. Having started to look into the wider family, my initial thoughts were what a muddle!

I really should not spend too long on this branch of the family as they are not a direct line, but I hate lines that stop and do not provide further information. So, I persisted and realised that again the family ties are strongly entangled with India.

I firstly had a look at Anna Madeline Hungerford who was born 1838. She married Elphinstone Jackson in 1859. My initial thoughts here were, a cousin, I might have known! I was right. He husband was the son of Welby Brown Jackson who was in turn the brother of Anna's father.

Together, Anna and Elphinstone Jackson had 6 children, which appears to be a popular number of issue with this side of the family!

Given that Anna and Elphinstone share the same Grandparents I wondered just how the issue with the peerage started, especially as Anna's father was the first Baronet.

More of that tomorrow!

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